Herbal Formulation For Wound Healing Activity With Indian Medicinal Plants


  • G.Venkateshwarlu, Shailendra Singh Narwariya, Tirthankar Choudhury, Fatima Sultana, R Nazemoon, Namrata Mishra, Dr.Radha Sharma


Wound Healing, povidone iodine, Extraction, Acalypha indica and Tridax procumbens and Azadi raktha indica.


The ethanolic leaf extract of Tridox leave, Acalypha indicaand Azadiraktha indica was subjected for scientific investigation to support its traditional use as wound healer. Wound healing activity was evaluated in different concentrations prepared as an ointment in sodium alginate using five groups of six albino  Wister rats in each model with povidone iodine (5%) as the standard drug. Wound healing was assessed by a rate of wound contraction, tensile strength and histological changes. The results demonstrate high rate of wound contraction, higher wound breaking strength in experimental animals treated with mg kg of ethanolic extract as compared to control and standard povidone iodine. The present investigation may be concluded that the formulated  extract is endowed with significantly as followed the 0, 4th, 8th , 12th , 16th, days i.e 232.21 ±5.8 (0%), 197.8 ± 4.5(14.85%), 8 0.7 ± 4.8(65.5%), 15.03 ±2.9 (91.9%),2.9 ± 1.04(98.8%) wound healing activity due to the presence active constituents, there by justifying its use in the indigenous system of medicine.