Assessment Of Anticancer Activity Of Precious Metal Nano Particles Of Isolated Compounds -An In-Vitro Study


  • Sabbathyan Balla and M. Sumithra*


Platinum nanoparticles, Naringenin, Anticancer activity, cisplatin


Objective: Nanoparticles have gained wider applications for treating variety of diseases especially cancer. Nanoparticles made up of platinum have excellent physiochemical properties and have wider use biomedically. The Production of nanoparticles by green chemistry principles lessen the energy and time requirements serving ambient conditions for preparation. Methods: The present study deals with the preparation of platinum loaded nanoparticles using naringenin isolated from the Mucuna pruriens (L.) belonging to the family Fabaceae. The Naringenin loaded platinum nanoparticles were evaluated for in-vitro anticancer activity using Acridine orange/ethidium bromide staining, DNA content analysis using flowcytometry, DNA fragmentation assay and Western blotting. Results: The results were compared with the standard anti-cancer drug cisplatin. Conclusion: These studies were indicated synthetic platinum nanoparticles of naringenin shows better cytotoxic activity which are compared with the standard anti-cancer drug cisplatin.