Recent Development Of Nsaids And Saids For Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System In The Significance Of Nano-Technology And Biopharmaceutical Evaluation


  • Sheetal Devi, Manish Kumar*, Navneet Mehan, A. Pandurangan, Jaideo Pandey, Bhuwanendra Singh, Shailesh Kumar Gupta, P. Parameswari


Inflammation, Ophthalmic formulations, NSAIDs, SAIDs, Ocular, Technology, Clinical trials.


Ocular delivery systems have their special anatomy and physiology. In order to carry out a desirable operation of the drug at the targeted site and an suitable drug carrier device or nano-carrier system is used to bypass the ocular permeation barrier. Inflammation of the eyes is known to be one of the most common ocular disorders, and topical application of anti-inflammatory agents such as NSAIDs and SAIDs are useful in treating various types of eye inflammation (inflammation of the ocular surface and anterior portion, including discomfort and post-operative inflammation, age-related macular degeneration and seasonal allergic conjunctivitis). The regulatory standards for topical ophthalmic formulations are quite restricted in terms of tolerance, stability, and sterility, as well as ocular fragility. New developments in the technology sector, some of which are now in the process of securing a patent while others are in the middle of clinical trials, are a different animal altogether. The new technologies additionally feature several additional benefits to therapeutic effects, For example, the ability to be more targeted to specific tissues with specific surface molecules designed to promote the reduction of the deliver medicine dose and even boost the therapeutic effects of the medication.