Evaluation Of Anti-Oxidant Effect Of Propolis In Chronic Periodontitis Patients – A Randomized Controlled Trial


  • Dr.Dhivya Rajendran*, Dr.Thangakumaran Suthanthiran, Dr.Santosh sekar, Dr.Tamilsevan kumar, Dr. Syed Dhasthaheer, Dr.Mohamed Adhil Kaja Moideen


Propolis, Chronic Periodontitis, Antioxidant, SOD.


This present study was performed to investigate the effects of propolis (honey bee extract) as an adjunct to SRP in chronic periodontitis. This study also evaluates the effect of propolis on clinical parameters and SOD levels in GCF of chronic periodontitis patients. A randomized controlled, split mouth clinical study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of subgingival application of propolis loaded collagen membrane. A total of 30 subjects each with bilateral 5-6 mm probing pocket depth (PPD) were recruited. Based on the results obtained from the present study, there was a significant improvement in clinical parameters, reduction in probing pocket depth and gain in clinical attachment level with  an increase in SOD levels when propolis loaded collagen membrane was used as an adjunct to SRP in chronic periodontitis patients.