A new Trinuclear Zinc(II) Schiff Base Complex: Treatment and Nursing on Shock and Multiple Organ Failure Caused by Trauma


  • Hui-Qin CUI & Qing HE


In the current study, a new trinuclear zinc(II) complex, [Zn(μ1,1-N3
](MeOH) {1,
HL = [2-((3-(dimethylamino)propylimino)methyl)-6-Methoxyphenol]} has been synthesized by reaction of
zinc(II) nitrate hexahydrate and the HL ligand in MeOH solution via the reflux and slow evaporation methods.
The as-prepared coordination complex 1 has been studied via the single crystal X-ray diffraction along with the
elemental analysis. Its treatment and nursing values on shock and multiple organ failure caused by trauma was evaluated and the mechanism was explored at the same time. The ELISA assay was conducted to measure the content
of factor IX and factor XI in the plasma after compound treatment. Additionally, the blood pressure of the model
animal was determined as well.