Gene therapy vectors for targeting the heart


  • Moataz Dowaidar


The delivery of therapeutic drugs to the heart continues to be a challenge. Developing precise strategies to target the heart is equally as important as discovering new therapeutic medications. To grow this sector, a program that focuses on targeted delivery to the heart, as well as efforts to improve cardiac selectivity and retention of therapeutic medications, may be required. Targeted medicine distribution is one of the most important and unresolved issues in pharmacology. Viruses, on the other hand, have evolved unique and extremely accurate tropisms toward their biological targets through the usage of specific binding proteins. The inclusion of these viral proteins into the plasma membrane of EVs should improve the efficiency with which EVs transport drugs to target cells. Understanding the structure, content, and mechanisms of exosome–cell interactions and uptake might also help with the creation of bioengineered exosomes and other EVs that might be used as targeted drug delivery vehicles. In addition to establishing the optimal vector for each therapeutic ingredient, effective clinical translation of cardiac medicines requires minimally invasive yet highly selective delivery techniques.