Pharmacognosy And Antioxidant Activity Of Bacopa Monniera


  • Priyanka Mech, Dr. Sudarshan Singh Lakhawat*, Gaurav Sharma, Dr Vikram Yadav


Brahmi, Phytochemical, Physiochemical, HPTLC, DPPH, Flavonoid, Phenol.


Bacopa monniera, also referred to as brahmi, has been the subject of extensive research on its pharmacognosy and antioxidant activities. In this paper, the main chemical components, pharmacological characteristics, geographic distribution, and taxonomy of Bacopa monniera are examined. Investigating the phytochemical makeup and antioxidant potential of Bacopa monniera, the study used an in vitro methodology. Physicochemical tests, powder microscopy, sample collection, authentication, and qualitative phytochemical screening were all part of the research. To profile the phytochemical fingerprint, high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) was performed. The study also measured the alcoholic extracts' total flavonoid and phenol content, as well as their IC50 (DPPH) and total antioxidant capability. The outcomes indicated the antioxidant capability of the Brahmi extract and the existence of valuable bioactive components. They also showed the extract's superior free radical scavenging activity. Bacopa monniera has potential medicinal uses and can be used as a natural plant antioxidant source, according to the study's conclusion. The results offer insightful information for future studies and medicinal applications.