A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme Regarding Knowledge On Menstrual Blood As A Source Of Stem Cells Among Final Year Nursing Students, Vmcon At Puducherry


  • Pof.Dr.Malliga.M, Pof.Dr.Rajeswari.R, Kavitha.S, Jamuna Rani.G, Amudha.G


Structured teaching programme, menstrual stem cell.


Background: The menstrual stem cells have a great importance for clinical translation of regenerative therapies. Menstrual blood stem cells that can be harvested room the body’s menstrual blood, the menstrual stem cells are unique because they have many properties and characteristics similar to both bone marrow and embryonic stem cells. Aim: Effectiveness of structured teaching programme regarding knowledge on menstrual blood as a source of stem cells among final year nursing students, VMCON at Puducherry. Methodology: Quantitative research approach and one group pre test and post test design was adopted in this study. Samples were final Year Nursing students. Sample size was 60. Samples were selected by using Purposive sampling technique based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data Collection was done using Structured Questionnaire to assess the level of Knowledge on menstrual Blood as a source of Stem Cells. Result and Discussion: Comparison of knowledge of post test mean score percentage of knowledge regarding Menstrual blood stem cell (23.03) was greater than pre test mean score (16.1). The difference between the level of knowledge was confirmed by the obtained paired T- test value 12.89. Which was highly significant at p<0.00l level. It indicates that Structured Teaching Programme was effective in enhancing the knowledge level of Final year nursing students of menstrual blood stem cells. Conclusion: There was significant association was found in pre test knowledge score on menstrual blood stem cell when compare to the demographic variables of Nursing students.