Hot Melt Coating: An Ecofriendly Technology In Pharmaceutical Product Development


  • Lakade S. K., Rakte A. S., Sudke S. G.*


Hot melt coating, Ecofriendly, Stability, Lipid, Solventless, Generic


The objective of review is to explore various aspects hot melt coating (HMC) technology in the drug product manufacture. Global market drivers for oral solid dosage (OSDs) forms are generic market, newer indications of existing drugs, new combinations, life cycle extension of available drugs etc. To meet the needs of market and regulatory bodies, the melt coating technology can resolve the drug related issues of bioavailability, economy, formulation, stability and scalability. The HMC is rapid, reliable, cost-effective and environment friendly technique. Neither aqueous nor organic solvents are required for drug product design in this technique. The regulatory bodies are currently focusing on environment sustainability and safety issues which are strictly followed by this technology. The simple pan coaters or fluidized bed coaters with minor modification were deployed in this technology. It offers several applications in dosage form design. It is user friendly as most of lipid materials are used for coating which facilitate easy gliding of dosage form into gastrointestinal tract (GIT).